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Working with Western Health Advantage, Optum Rx provides convenient and flexible options for the prescription drugs you and your family may need. We are here to guide you through the open enrollment process and to help you understand your plan options, so that you can save time and money when your benefits plan starts.

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Prescription Costs: Not all medical plans have prescription coverage. If you have prescription coverage, you will pay the lesser of the retail price, or cost sharing, for any prescription, retail or mail order. See your copayment summary for cost details.

Prescription Coverage: There are a small number of drugs, regardless of tier, that may require prior authorization to ensure appropriate use. Visit mywha.org/pharmacy for additional details.

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Make life a little easier with Optum Rx Specialty Pharmacy. You're able to order your specialty medications through Optum Rx Specialty Pharmacy.  
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Optum Rx offers the convenience of delivering your medications discreetly right to your home, or to the location you choose.

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Optum Rx promotes ways to safely dispose of your medications at no charge to you. Check with your local pharmacy kiosk or call the number on the back of your Plan ID card 24 hours a day, seven days a week to request a free Deterra Kit. 
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